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Install & Setup monit on Ubuntu 14.04 with VestaCP

One of the things I’ve noticed VestaCP is sorely missing is automatic restarting of stopped services. Moreover, if you install VestaCP on a VPS with 1 GB RAM or less, MySQL will fail. A lot. So I setup monit to monitor and restart services. And, since I made each service its own configuration file, I thought I’d share to get anyone else up and running.

Install monit:

apt-get install monit

Super basic configuration:

nano /etc/monit/monitrc

Make sure you have a valid email on this line and make sure not commented out:

Change set alert to [email protected] # receive all alerts


Put the appropriate files in /etc/monit/conf.d/ or just do the following:

Of course, once you’ve copied these in you’ll want to reload monit:

monit reload

Hopefully that went without too much trouble.

Happy Coding!

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